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Welcome to Mirsky Financial Management Corp.

Mirsky Financial Management Corp. (MFMC) is a financial services firm located in Rochester, NY: established by founder and President David B. Mirsky in July 1999. The staff at MFMC is highly committed to our clients and provides exceptional guidance through all facets of each individual's personal financial plan, with the ultimate goal of reaching financial success. Our incomparable, proficient team has over 50 years of combined experience. As a client of MFMC, you will reap the benefits of a firm whose foundation is based on objective, expert advice and is steadfast in placing your best interest first.

MFMC provides excellence in the delivery of financial services to individuals, families and corporations. Our comprehensive services include: Financial Planning, Wealth Management, Retirement Planning, Estate Planning, and Tax Services. Throughout the course of our devoted work, it is essential that we earn your trust and respect through proficient, accurate service while always maintaining the confidentiality of your private information.

Our vision is to uphold a superior client-centered financial practice dedicated to our current and future clients. We endlesly strive to enhance the quality of our thoughtful, attentive personal service, while expanding the MFMC family by continuously providing custom-tailored advice to each relationship.

Our Investment Philosophy is to build portfolios that effectively balance risk and reward by focusing on a disciplined asset allocation. This is achieved by utilizing customized, diversified asset allocation strategies that mitigate risk using low cost investment vehicles aimed at achieving index-like returns.

Financial Planning

Our plans take every aspect of your financial life into account, from optimal management of income, investment strategy, tax consideration and insurance coverage. Our advice is as unique as each client.

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Wealth Management

Our unique approach to wealth management, combined with our comprehensive breadth of services and depth of experience, means that we will ensure you have the right team of experts carefully managing risk with a complete understanding of each client’s financial profile leading to the appropriate asset allocation.

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